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Warm Up Your Home With These 7 Winter Design Ideas

As we move through fall and deeper into the colder months, you’re probably feeling like your home could use some extra warmth, both figuratively and literally. But how do you achieve that sentiment? Making your home feel cozier with a few seasonal touches is easy with these handy tips, no matter your budget


1. Update your bedding


The first place to start with your cozy makeover is the bedroom. Investing in the best luxury bedding or adding some seasonal hues can make your room feel like your safe haven from the cool temperatures outdoors. From the inside out your bed could use a winter update including warmer sheets made of materials like flannel and rich brown or red hues to make your bed look like a toasty fireplace. 


2. Swap out blankets and pillows


Just like your bed, your couches and chairs might need a little attention. Whether it’s going to be a quiet winter at your or you’ll be hosting frequently, your living room should be the epitome of comfort. After all, watching Netflix with the family while sitting against rigid cushions and paper-thin blankets you used during the summer time doesn’t exactly say snug. To create more inviting seating, change out your throw pillows and blankets in more luxurious materials that you can sink into—think velvets, knits, faux fur, and Sherpa.


3. Change your light bulbs


Natural sunlight and bright lighting are great for spring and summer but they don’t really set the mood when you’re having friends over for hot chocolate and games by the fire. Instead, change out your bulbs for warmer (more yellow-y hues) to create the right winter ambiance. While it could be as simple as swapping the bulbs in your existing lamps and built-in lighting fixtures, you could also add some string lights around the home for that authentically cozy feel. 


4. Use seasonal scents


Touch isn’t the only sense that makes us feel snug. This is where seasonal scents come in. Classic candles in winter scents (pine, cinnamon, butterscotch, etc.) not only set the tone but also provide a little extra warm. And, they’ll contribute to your ambiance lighting. If you have small children or pets, make sure you opt for natural candles and place them up high out of their reach. If it’s all adults, you might also consider diffusers or potpourri which can be placed around the home.  


5. Incorporate winter greenery


While potted plants are a staple in most homes, there is something to be said for winter greenery this time of year. You can incorporate winter greener—think cypress, spruce, and holly—into your decor pretty easily too, whether it’s creating a centerpiece or adding some garland around the bannister. You could also go with some classic poinsettias for a pop of color or add some pinecones for a rustic feel. 


6. Put in a fire pit


Getting a fire pit doesn’t necessarily mean hiring a contractor; there are plenty of portable fire pits that can be added to your backyard right off the shelf. The size of the fire pit you need will depend on the available space and how many people you expect to be around it. If you’re the go-to home for gatherings, make sure you choose one that won’t leave people out in the cold. 


7. Add an area rug


Last but not least, you should consider adding an area rug (or two). As you likely know, our feet are one of our body parts that get cold the easiest and it doesn’t help if you have tile, concrete, or other flooring that prone to being extra cool. Fortunately, rugs are the perfect solution for the winter months because they’re temporary and easy to store. For an extra cozy feel, put out some shag or faux fur rugs to warm up high-traffic areas of the house without sacrificing style. 

Whether your home is modern or traditional, there are plenty of ways to make your home feel cozy and welcoming this winter. Hopefully these ideas have given you a good starting point to inject some warmth into your decor as well head into the holiday season and new year. Have other seasonal home decor tips you’d like to share? Send them my way! 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.