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Ways to Earn a Little Cash Online

Ways to Earn a Little Cash Online

Everyone wishes they had just a little more cash before going on vacation. It never seems like there’s enough. But there’s only so many hours in the workday and your boss isn’t letting you get any overtime. What can you do to make your vacation dreams a little sweeter?

Article writing

Need some quick cash? Can you write? There are several places online where you can earn quick cash by helping clients write some articles. One place to start is You’ll get a choice of topics to write about and a time limit to complete the project. If the client likes your work, you get paid! Fair warning, the initial pay rate is very low, but you can work up to a good amateur rate if you keep it up.

Amazon Mechanical Turk

If you spend your time playing a lot of mobile games or other repetitive things on your computer, why not put that time into earning a bit of money on the side too? Amazon has a service called Mechanical Turk that lets companies offer piecework tasks for repetitive activities that a computer can’t do easily, like identify a picture or rate the quality of an ad. There are a lot of different things to do through the site.


Do you like taking surveys or helping with market research? SwagBucks is the site for you. Swagbucks pays you in gift cards, but this is great if you need to buy that special piece of gear from Amazon or Walmart before you go on your big adventure. Plus, if you’re going with a group, get them all to sign up on SwagBucks for a referral bonus! Be sure to carefully read the terms and conditions.

Online gaming

If you’re feeling lucky, you could try playing a few rounds of bingo and see if you can win a big jackpot. has awesome signup and play bonuses so you can get a lot of opportunities to win. You could also try slots or even table gaming. Sure, it’s a long shot but why not? Just make sure to game responsibly. You don’t want to spend all your vacation money here!

Bing Searches

Yes, Bing, the rival search engine for Google, has a way that you can get gift cards and enter sweepstakes just for searching a lot on their engine. They also have special tasks you can perform to help them make their search engine better. Every 100 credits you earn gets you a dollar, and there is a referral bonus if they stick around long enough. Might be an incentive to wean yourself away from Google?

There are a lot of ways to earn a few bucks here and there online. You can earn cash and gift cards to help you before you start. Granted, these methods aren’t a way to earn a solid living but they will help you get a little extra money to buy that upgraded tour package. Plus, you can do them anytime you like. If you’ve got time to burn or feel a little bit lucky, try them out.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.