To maintain good hygiene, we should wash our hands regularly. Recently, we’ve also started using products like hand sanitizers or sanitizing wipes more frequently. These products, along with soaps, tend to dry out skin, so now it’s even more essential than ever to remember that our hands need attention and care, too.

A proper hand care routine is essential if we want our hands to look as good as the rest of our bodies. Hands often exposed to chalk, dirt, chemicals, or grease can experience irritation and become red, dry, or even have open wounds. Caring for your hands properly will significantly improve how they look and feel, so there’s plenty of incentive for you to get down to business. 

There’s no point in waiting – start making sure your hands feel strong and healthy now and continue reading if you want to learn more about little-known hand skin care.

Why Is Dry Skin on Our Hands So Unpleasant? 

Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and taking care of it is not just about looking good. It helps protect you from germs and bacteria, keeps your temperature regulated, and even helps you think better because of the blood flow. However, it also tends to be sensitive.

When skin becomes dry, it tends to get cracked and itchy, making a person more prone to infections. If you don’t take care of your hands properly, you risk ending up with more severe issues. Dry skin can become infected quickly, especially if you use dirty water or don’t wash your hands enough.

In addition to the risks of getting an infection, which can get nasty and leave painful scars on your hand, having dry skin also makes your hands look older than they are. Lack of moisture will make your skin appear wrinkled and saggy, making it impossible to ignore how important it is to keep your hands healthy and soft.

How to Choose Hand Skin Care Products 

If you want your hands to look their absolute best, you’ll have to use a hand cream made especially for the job – it needs to be lightweight and non-greasy. Today, you can also find many CBD skin care products, such as hand barrier creams and salves, that are suitable for any skin type. 

It’s also a good idea to choose a product that has a fragrance that you enjoy because it will be part of your daily routine. Every time you use a hand cream, take a moment to examine how your hands feel.

If you notice that the skin on your hands doesn’t feel smooth or looks red or irritated, then stop using that product right away. Here are some hand care tips:

Massage Hands Regularly 

Massaging your hands can help to keep your skin’s circulation in tip-top shape. This tip is excellent for everyone but particularly good for people who work with their hands regularly. Doing hand massages on a daily basis can even help people relieve stress or maintain their health after an injury or surgery. 

Avoid Sun and Chlorine Damage 

The sun and chlorine are two things that can cause damage to your hands. Repeated exposure to chlorine water can cause the skin on your hands to be dry and cracked, so make sure to apply a barrier cream, salve, or oil all over your hands and body before going swimming and showering thoroughly afterward. Using soft soaps that don’t alter the PH on your skin would also be a great choice.

Sunlight can cause uneven pigmentation or sunspots. Protecting the skin on your hands from the sun with SPF can keep them young and healthy, so make sure to wear sunscreen and wear gloves when you go outside. 

Use Moisturizer 

Moisturizing after every wash should become a part of your routine, something that you’ll do without thinking every time you step away from the sink. 

Even if you live in a climate where the weather is very dry all year round, it’s still crucial to use a moisturizer on your hands. If you don’t, then the skin on your hands may start to look dry and cracked. You’ll even notice that during the winter season, your skin will feel very dry when you wake up in the morning, but it should return to normal after you apply moisturizer.

Use a Night Cream Before Bedtime 

Our skin regenerates faster as we sleep, so night creams are the ideal products to use before calling it a day and going to bed. Put on night cream on your hands to give them time to recover while you sleep. Night creams are designed to do just that, so they’re ideal for helping your hands get back into top shape quicker.


It’s not only unpleasant to have dry skin, but it can also make you look older than you actually are because of the wrinkles and sagging. The good news is that with proper hand care, we can make our hands look years younger.

In order to maintain the skin on your hands healthy and prevent it from drying out, applying a regular hand cream won’t be enough. Pay attention to the products you use – soaps, sanitizers, creams – and opt for more beneficial ones to help your hands restore the damage and prevent the skin from drying out.

Don’t wait until your hands are too damaged to look healthy and young. Start caring for them now!

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