When you think of the perfect smile, what do you imagine? You might think of plump lips surrounding pearly white teeth with a diamond shine. What they won’t think about is what that smile would look like if the teeth are crooked. 

No matter how much you take care of your teeth through regular brushing, flossing, visits to your dentist, and teeth whitening procedures, crooked teeth can take away the overall aesthetic of your dream smile that you want to present to the world. 

A smile says a lot about a person. We often judge people based on the smile they present to us as we meet them. Your smile is often the first thing that people notice about you when you meet them for the first time. Having crooked teeth can bring a lack of confidence which will affect people differently. 

For those affected by crooked teeth affecting their confidence, there are a number of treatments that can help to create their dream smile. 

If you want to learn more about your options, you should speak to your orthodontist about some of the most common options for teeth straightening. 

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Traditional Braces 

The traditional brace is one of the most common options for teeth straightening, and back in the day- the only option for awkward teens. 

Braces are made of metal wires that work through tension to pull them back into shape. They have been used for decades as an effective method of teeth straightening–but are also possibly one of the most painful, especially when the metal wires are tightened by the orthodontist. 

Traditional metal braces also limit foods that can wearers can eat comfortably without causing damage. These foods include toffee, taffy, gum, and apples. 

Clear Aligners 

An alternative to the traditional metal brace is the clear aligner or brace. If you want to straighten your teeth with no obvious visual impact in your smile, this is a great option for you. They are made from clear plastic and sit over your natural teeth. It works in the same way as a metal brace and gently pushes your teeth into position.

A dental practitioner will take an impression of your mouth and use technology to create your bespoke brace which will be used to shape your teeth over several months. The process could take between 12 and 24 months. Over the entire treatment time, several veneers will be prescribed to fit your newly positioned teeth. Within that time, you should get the perfect smile without sacrificing the look of your natural teeth. 


If you only need a slight alteration to your crooked teeth, veneers are a good option for you. 

Veneers will sit on the teeth, but do not impact on teeth in the same way as the other options as they do not change the position of the crooked teeth-as the veneer sits on the tooth or teeth needing treatment. 

They are a good cosmetic dental option to straighten teeth without braces. Composite resin or porcelain are used to cover individual teeth– so patients can choose to just cover one tooth, or all of their teeth. 

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