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What Is Your Noisy Plumbing Trying To Tell You?

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Does your plumbing make a lot of noise? Do your drains gurgle as water goes down them? Do you hear banging noises in your pipes? 

You may think that it is normal for your plumbing to make noises, however; if it is making noise then it is a sign that you may well have a problem. 

So what are all of the noises, and what kind of problems do they indicate?

In this article, we’ll look at what your noisy plumbing is trying to tell you

Gurgling Sounds

If you notice that you have a gurgling sound coming from your drains after running water down a sink, then you might have a problem. This will generally mean that you have something blocking your pipes. This could be a build-up of grease, hairs, or food debris. 

In the event that you have blockages inside your pipes, you will need to hire a drain cleaning company to help clear the debris through.

Banging Sounds

If you have a loud banging sound coming from your pipes, particularly when you are running water from your sink or flushing your toilet, then it could be caused by a value quickly closing. This causes a water hammer effect. 

The water that is moving may rush to a quick stop which causes the pipes to judder. This will cause a sudden increase in pressure. This extra pressure will add to the noise and to the vibration putting additional stress and pressure at the points where pipes meet. This, in turn, can cause leaks. 

So, if you hear a banging sound when you turn off your taps or the toilet finishes flushing, you should call your plumber and have your knocking sounds and the old system addressed. 

Humming Sounds

A humming noise may indicate that your water pressure is too high. Normally humming sounds mean that you have a pressure of over 80 psi.

If you have high water pressure, this could damage washing machines and dishwashers. If you have this problem in your home, speak with a plumber. 

Rattling Sounds

A rattling sound will indicate that there is potentially a loose pipe that is not well fitted. Sometimes you will have pipes hidden in wooden structures hidden behind walls, floors, or ceilings. In the event that you hear a shaking sound whenever you are running water somewhere else in the home, this could be the sound of a loose pipe shaking around. 

When a pipe knocks around too much it will eventually become damaged. This will lead to leaks which will require more than a plumber to fix. So, if you here rattling pipes, have a plumber come and investigate and get your pipes remounted. 

Don’t Ignore Your Noisy Pipes

If you have any of these sounds coming from the plumbing in your home, you shouldn’t ignore them. They may be a sign of old age, but they are also a warning that you may have some expensive damage on your hands if a pipe does burst. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.