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What You Need to Know About Choosing Braces as an Adult

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You might think that braces are only for teens, but in reality, they can benefit adults who are self-conscious or have problems with their teeth. Adult braces can be more expensive than when you’re a teen because of the high costs associated with getting them. However, if your teeth affect your confidence or daily life, then investing in braces may be worth it: they can help correct misaligned teeth and give you a more confident and self-assured smile. If you’re interested in getting braces as an adult, you’ll need to research and plan to ensure it’s the right choice. Keep reading to learn more about choosing adult braces as an adult!

What type of braces are available?

Braces for adults can be the traditional “train track” metal braces you associate with teenagers. They can still be highly effective for adults. However, most adults prefer using Clear Aligners as they are more discreet and allow the wearer to get on with their life without feeling self-conscious about their braces. Plus, you can remove them or choose aligners that you only need to wear at night.

How much will getting braces cost?

The cost of getting braces as an adult will depend on your particular case and your chosen dentist. The average cost of getting braces in the US is around $5,000. This includes the initial consultation, X-rays, and the cost of making adjustments to your braces during the process. While there are no guarantees regarding dental work, it’s worth researching and speaking to a few dentists before committing to braces. You may be able to get a lower cost if you go to a dental school or a dental clinic. Health insurance may also cover you if you have a pre-existing condition.

How long will you be wearing them for?

Wearing braces is no fun, but it’s worth it if they help correct your teeth so you can have a healthy mouth for the rest of your life. The length of time you’ll need to wear braces depends on how misaligned your teeth are and how long it takes to correct them. Your orthodontist can give you an idea of how long they think it will take. It’s important to note that it’s normal to feel some discomfort while you’re wearing braces. You might develop sore spots in your mouth or swell up your gums. If you have sensitive teeth and are worried about wearing braces, your orthodontist may recommend that you wear a mouthguard when you’re sleeping to protect your teeth from getting knocked against each other.

What happens once the braces come off?

Once your braces come off, your teeth will likely be more stable, but it’s essential to keep up with the maintenance, such as cleaning and flossing. You will be given retainers after your braces come off. A retainer is a device worn at night to hold your teeth in place. Retainers are recommended for all patients who have had braces to help keep the teeth in their new position. 

It’s essential to keep up with the maintenance after your braces come off. If you don’t, your teeth may become misaligned again.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.