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What You Need to Know About Using Outdoor Solar Lanterns on Your Deck

Homeowners all over the world want to create a comfortable place for their family and friends to spend their time. Those who live in a single-family home with a yard often want to entertain friends and family on their deck when the weather is suitable. However, to be able to entertain, you need to have a deck that is acceptable for entertaining guests. Because of this, many homeowners find themselves wanting to create an outdoor oasis so that they are fully equipped to entertain or enjoy the outdoors during their free time. One of the best pieces of helpful advice when creating an outdoor oasis is to use solar lanterns on your deck. Doing so can save you money, show your commitment to being sustainable, and provide an ambient environment to enjoy after the sun goes down. Read on to learn more about outdoor solar lanterns for your deck!


1. Budget Accordingly.


It is quite common for solar lanterns to be more expensive than a typical deck light because they will last for an extended period of time. Another reason that these lights are a bit more expensive than a standard light fixture is that they are made with unique components that cost more than those that are found in a standard light. 


2. Charge Lantern Before Use.


When you have possession of your new solar lanterns, you will probably want to set them up right away. While this is understandable, you may find yourself disappointed with how long they are able to produce light if you don’t charge them first. Your best course of action is to allow them to be exposed to 5-10 full life cycles before you install them. A full life cycle consists of charging the lantern in direct sunlight throughout the day and letting them emit light for at least 8 hours during the dark hours. By allowing your lanterns to charge and be used in the dark before you permanently place them in your yard you will avoid having to reposition them later on.


3. Access to Light Exposure.


One thing to consider when you decide to install solar lanterns on your deck is proper placement. Proper placement of your solar lanterns matter because if you place them in a spot that is not in direct sunlight, you won’t be able to reap the full benefits of your investment. You see, a solar lantern needs direct sunlight to recharge and store energy for future use. This is even more important for property owners who live in areas of the world that have limited access to sunlight. For example, it is quite common for those who experience a cloudy day to notice that their solar lanterns emit less light than usual. In response to this problem, many choose to install solar panels on their deck railing or place lanterns on top of the railing for direct access to sunlight.


There is no doubt that investing in solar lanterns for your deck will produce a level of ambiance that a standard lamp will not. Just keep in mind that to benefit the most from your investment, you will need to install them in direct sunlight, charge the lantern entirely before use, and budget accordingly so you can get the best that money can buy.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.