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When Are You Ready to Take Your CPA Exam?

Becoming a certified personal accountant leads to a great career, but studying for the exam is not easy. In the past, individuals had a difficult time determining when they were ready to take the CPA exam. Today, there are options that allow a person to know with more certainty if they are ready. 

What Is the CPA Exam?

The CPA Exam, formally called Uniform Certified Public Accountant Examination, is a test that must be passed for a person to become a licensed CPA. The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants is the body that is responsible for creating the CPA exam and scoring the results. By enrolling in the Best CPA Exam Programs, individuals will be fully prepared. 

This sixteen-hour exam has four sections. Each section takes four hours and includes the following. 

  •         Auditing and Attestation
  •         Business Environment and Concepts
  •         Financial Accounting and Reporting
  •         Regulation

A great portion of the test is multiple choice. The other portion is based on written communication simulations. Individuals taking the CPA exam must be able to write professional and cohesive English. 

Four Methods for Knowing If a Person Is Ready to Take the CPA Exam

When individuals have studied for hours upon hours and are wondering if it is time for them to take the exam, there are certain methods they can use. Using the following four methods will help a person learn if they are prepared to start their exam. 

  1. If a person is feeling confident in their ability to handle both multiple-choice and task-based simulation, they may be ready to take the CPA exam. When preparing for the exam, individuals need to make sure they answer each question as if it is an exam question. Taking this approach will help individuals prepare. 
  2. Review materials can also help to ensure a person is prepared for the CPA exam. Using a program that offers ReadySCORE will help individuals determine if they are ready to take the exam. A score of 75% or over leads to a good chance of passing. If someone has a ReadySCORE of 85%, they will likely pass 100% of the time. 
  3. When a person is constantly passing all their practice exams, it is likely time for them to take the exam. To be sure, individuals can go to the AICPA’s website and take the practice exam. Passing the practice exam is a good indicator a person will pass their CPA exam. 
  4. If a person is not comfortable with the format of the CPA exam, they are less likely to do well. It is important for individuals to know what to expect from the format. They need to know where the exam tools are located and how they can manage their time properly so they can complete the exam in the allotted time frame. 

Start Preparing Now

It takes many hours of studying to prepare for a CPA exam. The best method of preparation is to use exam materials that offer integral and customized learning experiences. The exam materials should be as close as possible to the CPA exam. 

Studying should not be rushed. While individuals can always retake a test if they fail, it is better to be prepared fully before starting the exam. Individuals need to make sure they are considering the four methods above to gauge their readiness for taking the CPA exam. 

Most experts recommend individuals study for 300 to 400 hours before even attempting the exam. The better prepared a person is, the more likely they will pass and get licensed. 

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.