Wild Style: Gifts for the Outdoors Enthusiasts in Your Life


When it comes to finding the perfect gift for the outdoors lovers in your life, it’s important to remember that not all outdoors enthusiasts are the same. The wilderness is vast, and there are as many different ways to appreciate nature as there are trees in the forest or trout in the stream. Before you make any gift-buying decisions, take the time to observe your outdoorsmen in their natural setting. What kind of behaviors do they display? Are they minimalists who like the challenge of living off the land? Or do they prefer to head out with the latest in high-tech, high-durability gear? Whatever their style, your challenge is to find that one thing that will keep them moving forward without weighing them down. Here are three common types of outdoors personalities and a few gift ideas to help them tackle their next challenge. If you’re lucky, they might even ask you to join.

The Fashion-Forward Hiker

Being outdoors isn’t just an activity; it’s a lifestyle choice — one that stays with enthusiasts whether they’re ascending a snow-capped mountain or the elevator to their 3 o’clock board meeting. These chamois flannel shirts from Cabela’s are perfect for both. They’re warm and durable enough to survive the elements, yet stylish and comfortable enough for casual Fridays. Choose a quilted or heather design for a few extra degrees of rustic and rugged style. Pair them with these hand-sewn Merrell Moab Rover boots in espresso brown to complete the look. This classically crafted boot hides a breathable Vibram Gumlight outsole, so your loved one can wear it 365 days a year.

The Mindful Nature Wanderer

Wandering in nature and being constantly immersed in the outdoors give you a greater appreciation of nature and awareness of your own existence. For the mindful outdoors person, consider giving a meditation kit for relaxation and rejuvenation. Include some essential oils, incense burner, and set of Mayan copal resin incense for soothing fears and anxieties, dispersing negativity, and cultivating a calm, quiet mind.

The Tech-Savvy Fisherman

Some fishermen cherish the beautiful simplicity of craft, while others cherish the endless customizability afforded by a tackle box full of the latest gear. No matter where your fisherman falls on this spectrum, a Berkley Fishing Multi-tool is sure to come in handy. This ergonomic, stainless steel tool has everything your fisherman needs: a hook file with v-groove, jig-eye cleaner, crank bait tuner and fish scaler. The non-corrosive coating means it will last a lifetime, no matter how many times he drops it in the stream. For the traveling fisherman, this Abu Garcia Silver Max Casting Combo has everything he needs in one compact package, including a 25 ton graphite rod and a low-profile, high-performance reel. It’s a weekend trip in a box.

The Gourmet Survivalist

Just because you’re pushing yourself to the limit doesn’t mean you can’t have a four-star meal every once in awhile. In fact, there’s a wide array of clever cooking tools that are also light and compact enough for your pack. This stainless steel Kelly Kettle is a must-have item for boiling water when using a limited heating source like sticks, pinecones or grass. To assist with building a real fire, this versatile Zippo 4-In-1 Woodsman Tool has everything you need to chop and saw kindling. Make the perfect starter flame, even in the rainiest conditions, with this Bear Grylls Fire Starter from Gerber. And when it’s time to get cooking, this Camp Chef Over-The-Fire Grill and Griddle can help you easily prepare a full three-course meal. Sure, you might be far from home, but you still have all of its comforts.

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