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As the seasons change, it’s essential to get your home ready for the new conditions. For the most part, summer is the best time of the year because it comes with fewer hassles. There’s no need to fret about water damage, for instance.  After all, there won’t be a leak when it’s sunny! 

Or will there?

Homeowners assume that the lack of rain protects the property from the elements, yet you are wrong. The truth is that water damage isn’t solely a winter thing as it can happen all year round.

Here are the main causes to watch out to ensure your house is bone dry.

Gutter Blockages

Gutters mostly collect gunk and debris in the fall, when the leaves fall from the trees and build-up. Still, there is a lot of clutter that swirls around in the pleasant summer breezes. And, if it lands in the guttering, there’s a good chance the pressure will cause it to break. Yes, you guessed it – the fluid will spill over the property’s exterior and spill into your home if there are gaps. Plugging holes is key, as is gutter cleaning. The latter is easier as all it takes is a pair of rubber gloves and some elbow grease! 

Damaged Roof

It doesn’t matter if it’s summertime or wintertime – a damaged roof won’t magically repair itself. A broken shingle is a gap that water will exploit. Let’s face it – it will rain at some point because, well, it always does in the good, ol’ USA. The problem you face is figuring out there is an issue in the first place. After all, it’s not as if cracked flashing and slates are easy to spot from ground level. Thankfully, you can tell if the roof is damaged by hosing it down and checking for wet patches in the attic. It saves you scaling the outside of the property!

Vacation Time

Accidents happen, and they often appear out of nowhere. A pipe can burst regardless of the weather. Sure, it’s more likely to occur in the winter when the H2O freezes and expands, but everything from rusty metal to bad installation means you’re not immune in the summer. The good news is that you can spot it happening and react in most circumstances. However, this is only the case if you’re home. Summer is prime time for vacations, so you may not be around to clean up. To prevent your welcome home from being soggy, you may want to ask the neighbor to check the interiors while you’re away.

Global Warming

The world is heating up and not in a good way. Nowadays, the south of America can expect devastation from natural disasters. In the last couple of years, storms such as Katrina have decimated towns and cities during the summertime. You can’t much to stop the carnage once it happens. Still, you can try and lead an eco-friendly lifestyle to prevent the ice caps from melting and oceans from rising.

Are you prepared for water damage, whatever the weather?

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