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Where Should You Focus That First Home Renovation?

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Renovations take time to put together. They’re also expensive. For that reason, you likely wish to maximize your investment and come away with a more valuable, liveable house at the other end. But unless you renovate multiple rooms at once (which is certainly possible), sooner or later you will need to prioritize where to begin.

For this reason, deciding on an area of your house to start can be a freeing approach, because even if your plans expand, you’ll have room to expand them appropriately. So, a question remains – where should you focus that first home renovation? 

In this post, we’ll offer a few suggestions.

The Bathroom

The great thing about a bathroom is just how much you can do with it. The main fixtures are obvious, and around that you can design how you like. With firms like New Bath Technologies, you can remodel the space in beautiful form. For example, new tiles can transform the space, while added storage or a larger shower boost can add some luxury. The more comfort you feel the better.

Your Yard & Driveway

With basic landscaping, good paving, a focus on boundary walls for safety and yard work that allows for utility of the space, a property can look like a brand new area if you’re smart about it. Moreover, many people leave these areas until the interior is finished, but sometimes getting this area completely resolved and creating access points for easier internal renovation could be a great idea.

Your Kitchen

The fun benefit of a kitchen renovation is that you get to have fun with it. What kind of home cook are you? Lean into that as you like. For some that might mean installing gas hobs due to working in a professional kitchen and wanting that at home. For others, it might mean becoming more eco-friendly with an induction approach. Then you get to enjoy the trimmings. If it makes you feel comfortable and at peace in this space, it’s probably the right choice.

Your Bedroom Orientations

If you rethink your bed placement, add clever storage solutions to reduce clutter, and update window treatments for better light control, you’re pretty much going to make your bedroom feel so much more relaxed, the space feel more open, and your relaxation much more comfortable.

All you really have to do is consider the flow of the room and how you move through it daily. A well-placed mirror can make the space feel larger, while a cozy reading space (if you’re into reading) might add that extra touch of escapism too. Remember, your bedroom should be your sanctuary, so don’t be afraid to personalize it with artwork or meaningful objects, or even just nerdy hobbies. It will mean retiring from a hard day becomes so much easier to do.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to focus that first home renovation in a way that matters. Note that we’ve made certain to prioritize your fun and joy over strict value, but you’re sure to see a benefit on that point too.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.