Every home remodel process takes time to complete. However, the pandemic has brought many changes that people have come to terms with. A part of this change is the growing need to improve dwelling places. According to US homeowners, the need to work remotely is a driving force to tackle home improvements. Meanwhile, a 2020 survey indicated that owners tend to spend $8,305 on average to improve their properties. That said, here are some home improvements to tackle this year.

Improve your shabby deck

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Your deck or outdoor flooring can either make or break a person’s impression of your home. Depending on the size of your deck, you can either change the entire flooring in the area or alter the design a bit to create the look you’re after. According to home renovation experts, you don’t need to strip the dull flooring of your old deck. In this case, you can lay over the old flooring with new wood or synthetic material. 

For example, decking tiles made from composite or other wood types don’t need any adhesive material. Instead, they are manufactured to snap onto your old deck flooring. You don’t need to work on the flooring in other instances because they are still in good condition. However, a fresh coat of paint will give the area an instant aesthetic boost. You should also ensure that the materials used for your deck can withstand the weather elements. 

Tackle underused parts of your home

According to fortunebuilders.com, most homeowners fail to identify parts of the home which can be maximized in usage. For example, some households have expansive backyards which are not in use. Experts say this wastage of land can reduce the overall value of a home. Therefore, you can use any unused space in your home to your advantage. For example, you can include an outdoor kitchen in your underused land before the cold season begins. 

Furthermore, you can convert your attic and basement into another room. However, they are primarily affected by temperature and can become hot or cold. So, if you intend to convert any of the two into a home office, for instance, you must consider adequate ventilation and insulation.

Create accent walls

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Sometimes, your white walls can look a little too plain and bland. However, you don’t need to break them down to be more creative. Fortunately, there are more straightforward ways to infuse personality into dull-looking walls. For example, an accent wall creates focus in the room, and you can incorporate a vibrant shade (different from the existing primary color). While at it, you may experiment with textures and patterns. Moreover, an accent wall can be achieved with wallpaper if painting is not your thing. Fortunately, there are several contemporary wallpaper designs to choose from.

Last year was quite gloomy and depressing due to the pandemic and lockdowns. However, there is still time to work on some home improvements before winter arrives. Moreover, summer will last from June through to September, and that is enough time to make some changes to your home.

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