Other than actually purchasing your home, furniture is probably the biggest household expense you are going to be burdened with over your life as a homeowner. But although the cost of getting high quality and lasting furniture can be astronomical there are certain ways you can look to reduce the cost of this. We will look at 5 different ways in which we can save money when buying furniture.

Check Out The 2nd Hand Market

The 2nd hand furniture market is not to be sniffed at! There are plenty of bargains out there for quality furniture if you know where to look. Check out classified adverts in local news papers, Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree and Craigslist to find high quality furniture at a decent price. Another great option is to buy furniture at auction which is a great way to find second hand furniture items at a great price, remember to do your research and be disciplined with your bidding and take note of auctioneers fees which will be added to the final bill.

Buy A New Mattress Rather Than A Whole Bed

It’s well known that your mattress will ideally need replacing every five to ten years and a bed frame can last almost as long as you like but certainly should far outlive the mattress. So once the current mattress has reached the end of its life cycle then you are free to go out and get the mattress you desire, I really like this type of memory foam mattress and found that once I updated my current bed with this I was much happier.

Shop At Sale Times – Plan Ahead

If you can plan your furniture purchases to coincide with the sales then you can delay your purchase and save a small fortune. It’s always advisable to shop for items you actually need so if you use days such as Black Friday with this type of planning you can get ahead rather than waste a load of money you didn’t need to spend.

Look Into Learning How To Build Your Own

Building your own furniture is a great way to save money and to be sure of the quality of the furniture you are ending up with if you have the skills to do so. Even if you don’t have the skills it’s worth considering learning to build furniture which will be a useful and valuable skill which will return it’s investment over the years once you know how to do it.

Don’t Overlook Flat-Pack For Some Needs

Flat pack furniture is cheap! That’s it’s selling point, but is it value for money at all and is it worth going down this route to save money? The answer really is a yes and no at the same time type of deal, if we look at this assessment on Ikea, one of the biggest flat pack dealers of the last few decades, although it warns against Ikea furniture it also states, “Don’t write off all furniture at IKEA” so it depends on what you need and for what purpose, if it’s heavy every day use for decades to come then maybe steer clear but if it’s a seldom used item for a quiet area of the house it may work fine.

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