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7 Benefits of Cycling You Didn’t Know About

7 Benefits of Cycling You Didn’t Know About

7 Benefits of Cycling

Whether it’s to improve your health, fitness, or a noble way to save the planet, making the choice to cycle could be the best decision you ever make. Remember when you were a child and all you ever wanted from your parents was a bike? Back then it was about freedom, independence, adventure and adrenaline… all benefits that remain in place today, but tend to get forgotten about. Way beyond a great way to keep you healthy, cycling has many other advantages you probably didn’t know existed, whether you prefer fixies for cycling around town or mountain bikes with plenty of gears, check out the 7 benefits below:

1. Cycling keeps you young

For all of you out there searching for the fountain of youth, try walking into your closest bicycle store instead. Studies carried out at King’s College London and the University of Birmingham, UK, found that cyclists over the age of 55 had very high levels of physiological function that placed them at a much younger age compared to the general population.

2. Stops you from smoking and drinking

OK that might be a bold claim, but it can certainly decrease your desire to light up your next cigarette or down your regular pint. Cycling has a snowball effect when it comes to tobacco intake, alcohol consumption and eating habits, and most people who cycle note a lower desire to smoke or drink.

3. Makes you happier

You could attribute this to the increased cardiovascular fitness, extra release of endorphins, or the healthy lifestyle that comes with cycling by default, but getting outside with nature and breathing in fresh air, feeling better about your body and sleeping better all contribute to making your feel happier and healthier.

4. Can help reduce heart disease

Cycling causes your heart to pound steadily and improves your cardiovascular fitness. With the increased cardio fitness, you can expect a decrease in the risk of developing heart diseases by as much as 50%.

5. Benefits your joints

As if that wasn’t enough, cycling is also good for your muscles and joints. For the most part, cycling is a low impact exercise and the motion it creates stimulates the cartilage in the knee joints. So in addition to giving your muscles and heart a proper workout, it will keep your joints loose.

6. Keeps you trim

OK, so this one you may have already known about, but being the easiest aerobic exercise, cycling can help in the fight against obesity by burning lots of calories and trimming down your waistline. It’s estimated that individuals weighing 80kgs will burn 650 calories with less than an hour’s work out. This will also tone their legs and behind as well as the arms and upper body.

7. Could save you money

Cycling to work instead of taking your car or public transport is an excellent way of saving cash each month. If you live too far to make this your regular way of getting around, then cycling can save you money on a gym subscription or on any other costly exercise. All you need is a good bike and a safe helmet.

So they next time you see a sign that says bikes for sale, be sure to stop in, take a look and get yourself a eco-friendly two-wheeled vehicle.

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Chula Hettiarachchi

Sunday 4th of July 2021

I am a 59 year old cyclist, who has been riding cycles from the childhood I appreciate all above information & my ambition is to introduce the most economical cycle to the world as the higher price of a cycle has now become one of the key constraints of refraining the interested youth from cycling. In this regard social & community"s negative attitudes are also contribute to block the new entrants to regular cycling community. Please share with me any related information with regard to economical cycling & possible benefits gained from cycling

Organic Palace Queen

Wednesday 10th of February 2016

Cycling would definitely take the stress off your joints. I don't think our bodies are made for running on pavement. You've made some excellent points.

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